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Most of the authorized apple MacBook service center in Dhaka Bangladesh will guide you to change your faulty part.It is actually called replacement.One more thing is they will charge you lot because they are so called authorized.Well you have lot of option when you come to us with you MacBook.What we do is we have chip level repair facilities of your laptop and MacBook.So you have 90% chances to live again of your laptops and MacBook.We have every sort of possible modern repair tools and expert engineer to handle your machine with extra care.

Our service covered are:

  1. MacBook not powering up at all.
  2. MacBook auto shutdown.
  3. MacBook Not  charging.
  4. MacBook can run from battery power but can not run on adapter plug in.
  5. LCD has no backlight,
  6. MacBook got no display at all.

    BGA Rework station
    BGA Rework Station for replacement of PCH,Graphics Chip etc.

these are just a few.We can handle many more problem that your MacBook can have.

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