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Mac machines required some special tools to repair.Without that it may be repaired or can be completely destroyed.Some unprofessional service center they have lac of knowledge and repair tools.what only have them is cheap price compared to good knowledgeable service center.this is like,a newly passed MBBS doctor and a specialist doctor.Both of them are doctor but their service charge or visiting/consultancy fees is not same  in any aspects.

would you want to  get operated by an unprofessional/inexperienced surgeon while you sick?never right?so why you would give your precious Macs to an unprofessional idiot to get practice on it?Hope you got think twice before doing so.

our services are

#No Power

#No Display

#Not Charging

#Screen Replacement

#Water Spill



#EFI Unlocks

#iCloud Unlocks

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Daymon Computer(BD)


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