What is Hackintosh ?

Well ,we all know Apple.they make their devices hardware and software together.you simply can not use their software alone in windows pc.Because they are made for special hardware.So what is the point you want to use Mac OS X on your windows PC?

First of all,cost effective.If you are going to buy an Apple PC you would need to spend lot.but if you want to use same hardware on windows PC you might wonder that you can spend almost half of the cost and you will get your PC.you have lot of option for choosing your hardware while in Apple hardware you don’t have this option.one more important reason is Mac OS is less affected by virus than windows OS.

basically for this is the  reason  why you might want to use Mac OS X into your windows PC.

So,We can do any PC or laptop user to use Mac OS X into theirs windows PC.You even can run Mac OS and windows OS side by side.Please consult our technical team for the desired hardware and laptop you want to use Hackintosh.

for more details please contact us : 01721080785

thank you