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We are a full and more than decade MacBook  service repair shop, specializing in component level as well as chip level repair. This means we offer services that most shops will not offer because of the difficulty level. A lot of Apple repair shops in Dhaka Bnagladesh will repair computers by replacing entire assemblies. For example, if you have a cracked LCD panel and your MacBook but your glass and aluminum Lid are fine, a lot of shops will replace the entire top screen assembly (Lid, Glass(it is maybe often need to replace because of its fragileness) iSight Camera, LCD, LVDS Cable, Hinges, etc) rather than just replacing the bad LCD panel. We work hard to replace just the broken components, making our services noticeably less expensive than most shops.

We have a few specialties that we are very proud of; display repair (component level repair front Glass replacement, LCD repair, and Back light repair), logic board repair (component level repair including fuse replacement, LVDS connector replacement,IC Chips and many other Logic board chip level repair. just let us know and we will get back to you with a custom quote! We repair everything on MacBooks.

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