Universal Power Supply (Lab PSU) for laptop Repair(ZHAOXIN)PS3005D

৳ 8,500.00

PS-3005D Linear DC Power Supply

Introduction   PS Series are high precision, high stability, high reliability and low ripple linear DC regulated power supply. The output voltage and output current between 0 to rated value is continuously adjustable. Constant voltage and constant current can automatic conversion. The power supply of this series is divided into two types. They have 4 digit LED display output voltage and output current, voltage display resolution is 10mV and current display resolution is 1mA

Features     a. Single channel output

b. Internal radiator and electronic temperature control cooling

c.110V or 220V input voltage conversion select

d. 4 digit LED display output voltage and output current

e.      Current-limiting protection and users can set the current-limiting protection point arbitrarily

f.      Reverse polarity protection