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SVOD Programmer(Official Distributor for original SVOD Programmer in Bangladesh)

SVOD Programmer USB+keyboard tester KB9012QF+ITE8586+SPI, I2c, MEC, ITE New

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SVOD Programmer USB + keyboard tester KB9012QF+EDID eeprom+ITE8586+SPI, I2c, MEC, ITE New version FULL+ Activation ITE
NEW  version
+ Activation ITE
+Programmer for the multicontroller KB9012, KB9016, KB930, ITE8586, ITE8580, ITE8585, ITE8587 and others. ITE only works through the keyboard module.
+Supports SPI IC 25 series.
+ laptop keyboard tester
For service intended specialists only!
designed for writing and reading multicontrollers KB9012, KB9016, KB930, ITE8586, ITE8580, ITE8585, ITE8587 in some new laptops
intended to restore functionality of the laptop after replacing the KBC, ITE
new KB9012, ITE does not contain the firmware and should be written!
Activation ITE- activation included in the price, do not pay extra which is not necessary!
It supports multicontrollers MEC
It is possible to flash MEC1609, MEC1619. Pin F4 (Boot_Mode #) set to 0 (gnd). Pin M8 (nFWP) gives recording and blocking steranes area and boot info. When it is connected to gnd the lock is when connected to 3.3V, the lock is removed.
Programs spi flash through Multimodules ENE not to solder them.
Programs RTD2120L, the monitor processor. You can also sew and just spi flash.
please use only original drivers and software !!!
software and some KBC firmwares is available on request who buys this item
You can program  KB9012, KB9016, KB930 and same ENE KBC via keyboard connector
You can program ITE8586, ITE8580, ITE8585, ITE8587  via keyboard connector
You can program MEC1609, MEC1619
You can test most of laptop keyboards
It is your ideal and useful tool notebook repairing partner

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    If you do not understand its purpose – please not buy !

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