Heat Gun Bosch GHG 630 DCE Professional

Key Product Feature:

  • Universal tool with 1800 watts for stripping paint and varnish, soldering and fixing with various materials
  • Cold-air setting with 50°C for fast cooling and working at low temperatures
  • Control of the temperature and airflow in 3 stages

৳ 3,200.00



This heat gun is useful when you need to heat up your whole board.it is very useful for removing dry solder from the board.

The hot air gun is well suited to stripping paint and varnish, as well as soldering tasks. DIYers can also use the hot air gun to warm heat-shrinkable cables, reform and dry cables or weld plastics. Thanks to its powerful 1800 watt motor, this tool can quickly remove old surfaces from doors, windows and furnishings. The cold air setting, at 50 °C, can be used to rapidly cool the material you are working on. The temperature and airflow are controlled using one of the three different settings available. The Thermostop function automatically switches the heating element off if the tool is overloaded, ensuring that the tool does not overheat.

This is an Original Bosch product.not copy!!

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