Basic Electronics Course Details

A)An overview of electronics component

B)Difference between SMD and THT technology


What is resistor and how does it works .

How to test a to find resistor value.


What is Capacitor .how does it works.

How to test a Capacitor


What is does it works.

How to test Diode.difference between normal diodes and Zener Diodes.

Application of diode as And Gate.Take a look this demo video:


What is does it to test transistor.

Types of transistor (NPN & PNP)


What is does it to test Mosfets.

Types of Mosfets(N-Channel & P-Channel)

Mosfets which is used as a switch. how mosfets are used as a load switch etc.

6.IC  or The Chip

What is a ic works .what to test when IC is damages. Analogue and Digital IC  phenomenon.

Watch how we solder a new IC on the motherboards

7.Comparator, Logic Gates:

How Comparator and Logic gates are to define its faults.

Used of Comparator and Logic Gates in Computer motherboards circuits.

8.Voltage divider:

Voltage divider topology and how important a voltage divider is for repairing a computer motherboards.

9.Pull-Up Resistor : what is  Pull-Up resistor and why it is so important to understand for repairing today’s laptop motherboards.

10.DC/DC Buck Converter:

What is a Buck a DC/DC Buck converter to determine buck converter fault.details of PWM Buck converter working principle.

 basic electronics

We also cover up Inductor Coil & Fuses, network resistor, voltage regulator,difference between voltage regulator and switches (Switching Mosfets and regulator).

Watch our Chip Level Laptop Repair Training Demo video :