Chip Level Laptop Repair Training Course Details

Have a look our Chip Level Laptop Repair training course demo:

Our Chip Level Laptop Repair modules covers the area as follows:

1.Block Diagram of laptop motherboard (core2duo & i3 aspects)

2.RTC Section(details of RTC section fault finding)

3.Battery Charging section

Important pin details of different charging a laptop charging section works.Adapter section,Charging, Discharging mosfet working.

Fault finding of charging section with practical.

4.3.3V/5V Section

This is the very primary section of a laptop motherboard.we will discuss every details of this a DC/DC (Step Down)converter work.important pin details of many different 3.3v/5v to determine the problem of this PWM ic etc.


6.I/O Controller

What is I/O controller?what is the responsibility a I/O (EC)does in a computer motherboard.we will discuss many pin details of I/O to determine I/O controller is ok or not.

7.South Bridge/PCH

Difference between south bridge and PCH.what responsibilities does a south bridge or PCH in a computer motherboard.important signal details of south bridge or PCH can be sure that south bridge is faulty or not.

7.Clock Generator

Details discuss about clock clock works in newer kind of laptop board.

8.processor section

How to determine processor ok or not.fault finding of processor.some important pin details of processor.

9.Graphic Controller

Details working principal of GPU.trouble shooting of GPU by practical aspects

Practical Fault finding of:

LCD Connector,LCD Dim or no Backlight problem.No display on external or internal LED panel.Only external display working or only internal display working,

HDD/ODD not recognize,no Audio ,no Audio on internal speaker,head phone not working,keaboard not working,TP no working .wi fi not working,USB not working,Camera not working etc.

10.Universal way of laptop motherboard fault finding when no power as well as when no display.we will discuss from where to start and where to end.this is very important starting point and ending point of a notebook motherboard to find problem.

11.Bios Section

What is Bios in a laptop motherboard and how it is work with laptop hardware and to program bios chip.where to download bios file and some other common issue will be discuss regarding Bios.

12.Common Signal to Check in any Laptop(Step by Step)












 Laptop repiar diagram

After the course :

Student will get certificate from our company.we may help find job or set up their own business .also students will get lifetime support from our service center.student can download bios and schematic from our website once they are member.also they can discuss problem each other through our private forum.