Intel Management Engine Fixing

What is Intel Management Engine?

Well,from the PCH architecture,Intel has implement a Bios called ME Region.Where all the Bios information are stored.This ME Region are often get corrupted.if ME are corrupted computer or laptop randomly get shut of after few minutes or even freezes while booting. Fan are spinning at full speed.we need to rebuilt it with a clean ME region file.How we can clean ME region?

our second part of BIOS course will show the process and it is as follows:


       01. Understanding INTEL ME Region in BIOS.         

       02. When & why we need to Fix ME Region in BIOS.

       03. How to Identify ME Region in BIOS.

       04. Understanding Clean ME Region & Corrupted ME Region.

       05. How to Edit ME Region & Marge it With BIOS Region.

       06. How to Clean Corrupted ME Region using Tools.

       07. How to Make ME Region when BIOS is not available.