Bios Editing

Today’s computer Bios are very complected.There are many kinds of bios inside a computer motherboard such as EC or KBC Bios,Main Bios,and also some motherboard has ID Bios.These Bios plays many role in the computer motherboards.All the board manufacturer supplies update Bios on their website so user can use it to updates their system Bios.Unfortunately all the Bios they provided is for windows version only which we can use from the windows and update it like other software and program we install our windows system.But problem is all these Bios can be easily get corrupted resulting no display or even now power fault.So in that case computer/laptop get unusable.So user has no choice to re-flash their Bios and get laptop working this case computer service center has the way to reprogram the Bios EEPROM Chip directly via Bios Programmer. Here now has the real problem for the computer repair man or service center.Because they can not program windows version Bios directly into the Bios Chip.So they need to extract the windows version like .exe or other format Bios into programming version like .BIN,.FD etc.So they need to extract many different file format to programming format.

if you are a computer service man or repair center,we have the Bios Editing course for you.So you can become master of Bios Editing.What we will teach you as:


       01. Understanding BIOS Dump File (.rom, .bin, .wph, .fd etc. ).

       02. Difference between AMD And INTEL Bios.

       03. How to Extract BIOS Dump File from exe and other file format.

       04. Understanding & Using Different Kinds of HEX Editor Tools.

       05. BIOS Code Editing: Understanding BIOS Header & Tail Region.

       06. How to Identify Update BIOS Dump Is Encrypted.

       06. Different Kinds Of Tools & Technique For Decrypt The Encrypted BIOS.

       07. Main (PCH) BIOS and EC/SIO BIOS Concept.

       08. How to Identify PCH BIOS Region & EC BIOS Region in Update.

       09. How to Cut, Edit & Make PCH & EC BIOS from Update.

       10. Edit & Make Full BIOS If Update File Is Only Half Or less Compare Original.

       11. How to Make Full BIOS If Update File Is Bigger Than Original BIOS.

       12. Way to Make PCH BIOS & EC BIOS if no Update is available.

       13. Fixing Directly Missing HP & Acer Serial, Product etc. Info After Reprogram BIOS.

       14. Edit & Replace Apple Serial info Directly On BIOS Dump.

       15. Unlock Or Remove Apple & Other Laptop BIOS Password By Using Tools And
Editing BIOS Dump.

We will provide you all the text book,pdf,slides and videos for you to download.also you can directly take a online conversation with us via our skype.

We have Forum where you can get more support for your Bios file and other stuff like Schematics and other Laptop Repair related help.

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